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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

We are providing service for a long period. We are the best in this area and we have earned this reputation.

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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

Once you have brought the carpet cleaning job to us, you can rest assured that nothing will be lost- except odour, dirt and stains etc.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

We offer 24/7 urgent flood, water or fire damage restoration services and our quick response squad will be at your entrance within few minutes.

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Top Stain Removal Services By Top Experts

You won't find better carpet cleaning tips. Use the following ones for effective care and maintenance. Get excellent ideas on how to clean tiles, rugs and carpets! Get familiar with the usual problems of grout and how to deal with them.

Remove stains right away

As soon as you see stains in your carpet, you have to remove them immediately. This will ensure that stains won’t stick longer in the carpet. According to Newport Beach cleaning experts, if stains stay longer, it will take a much longer time for them to be removed.

The secret in gum removal in carpets

If you see gum in your carpet, it spells disaster. Before you freak out, there is a very simple trick to resolve this issue. You just have to use ice! Place it on top of the gum to harden it. Then, you can scrape it off easily.

Treat crayon stains

When treating crayon stains remove the excess and then use a blotter to remove the rest. Press the blotter with a warm iron until the crayon is melted and the blotter absorbs the stain. Make sure to move the blotter frequently, so it doesn't end up oversaturated. Apply dry-cleaning fluid, let dry, and then gently vacuum the affected spot.

Don't scrub rugs with force

The way rugs are cleaned differs in accordance with the texture of the rugs. Different fibers require different rug cleaning process. Avoid scrubbing them with force. Machine-made rugs are more resilient but they still could do without force. For handmade Persian rugs, be gentle. Blot stains and be extra careful when you vacuum them. Otherwise, fibers lose their initial form and elegance and won't look good.

Do not use any type of cleaner if you do not know what caused the carpet stain

The professionals of our carpet cleaning company in Newport Beach explain that this is crucial because some chemicals may react with the compound which has caused the stain, and this can damage the fibers or the dye that gives the your carpet its unique color. You would not want to risk turning a common issue into a very serious one.

After cleaning care

Once you've had your carpet and upholstery cleaned by our professionals, there are some simple precautions you should take. First, stay off the cleaned carpet until it's completely dry, and keep traffic to a minimum for at least 24 hours. Leave pads or blocks our technicians placed under your furniture in their place until the carpet is completely dry. For any additional questions or concerns, just give us a call for guaranteed 100% complete customer satisfaction.

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