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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

We are providing service for a long period. We are the best in this area and we have earned this reputation.

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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

Once you have brought the carpet cleaning job to us, you can rest assured that nothing will be lost- except odour, dirt and stains etc.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

We offer 24/7 urgent flood, water or fire damage restoration services and our quick response squad will be at your entrance within few minutes.

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Experienced Commercial Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Discover which solution is most applicable with your rugs, using these FAQs below.

Is deodorizing my carpet safe?

Yes, deodorizing your carpet is safe, but do note that carpet deodorizers are different from those that humans use. Experts at Carpet Cleaning Newport Beach recommend that you use carpet deodorizers that are most safe and effective for children and pets. Do not just pour perfumes on your carpet to make it smell good.

Are all carpet stain removing agents effective?

There is no guarantee that stains will be removed immediately with the stain removing agent that you use. In fact, these agents could worsen the situation. This is true if you bought the wrong one.

I can’t get rid of the odor on my carpet! Should I have it replaced?

Make sure that you’ve tried everything before you consider having your carpet replaced. There are a few good home remedies such as utilizing baking soda or lemon juice, or simply giving your carpet a very thorough cleaning.

How will carpet maintenance change if I get a pet?

If you plan to have a dog or a cat living in your house, you will certainly have to clean the carpet more often. You should arm yourself with a rake or brush especially designed for pet hair removal and use it every time before vacuuming and even more often if needed. Pet stains cannot be effectively removed with water, soap and deodorant. They require special treatment.

Is nylon carpet the easiest to clean?

The nylon fibers are very smooth and this doesn’t allow for a large amount of dirt to get stuck deep into the piles. At the same time, this type of carpet makes stain removal more challenging. This makes it more suitable for the living room and bedrooms than for the kitchen.

Can you remove all of the stains on my carpet or upholstery?

In almost all cases, yes, we can remove all the stains and spots on your carpet or upholstery. However, in some rare cases that have "set" over a period of time, they can become permanent, and no amount of cleaning can return them to absolutely new condition. Be assured, however, that no service is more highly skilled than ours, and when we do our best to eliminate a stain, it's the best that can be done by anyone.

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